Talon Data Exchange (TDEx) for Law Enforcement quickly and securely exchanges data electronically within your Criminal Justice community. With TDEx, you maintain a point of entry and departure for critical information shared among your circle of Criminal Justice partners, including exchanges and updates with your Prosecutor’s Office. The TDEx CommandCenter allows an administrator to view  communication traffic, obtain dashboard statistics and drill down in areas of interest.

Making it Simple

T-DEx import and export modules make data exchange simple. Instead of hand delivering case files to the Prosecutor’s Office, you can electronically send the case file straight from your Record Management System (RMS). Once delivered, case information, like assigned attorney, disposition, etc., received from your Prosecutor’s Office is populated directly into your RMS database.

Secure Industry Standard

T-DEx for Law Enforcement uses communication standards based on the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), the Michigan Data Exchange (Mi-DEx), and the National Data Exchange (N-DEx). T-DEx is compliant with FBI and State CJIS security policy requirements for end-to-end security and encryption of information.

Save Time and Money

TDEx saves you time and money by using technology to exchange data between Law Enforcement and Prosecutor, as opposed to Officers physically delivering paper case files to the Prosecutor’s office and waiting for the information to be accepted and reviewed.

TDEx for Law Enforcement and other Core Technology solutions support data exchange within your circle of Criminal Justice partners. When you need to exchange, analyze, share, report, and display securely, we have the solution for you. With our TDEx for Law Enforcement solution, becoming part of a Criminal Justice data exchange community puts information in your hands immediately as it becomes available, assisting you in making informed decisions, increasing the efficiency of users, and improving the accuracy of data.

Law Enforcement officers no longer have to physically drive paper case files to the Prosecutor’s office and waiting for their turn to have the information reviewed. Additionally, no time is spent researching case results. With T-DEx information is instantly and accurately exchanged between Law Enforcement and Prosecutor, saving time and money.

Affordable and Leverages Your Investments

Law Enforcement’s RMS data can be electronically exchanged with the Prosecutor using the current Talon data sharing infrastructure utilized by most agencies in the State. Your current Talon investment entitles you to receive the T-DEx for Law Enforcement at a savings. If you do not currently have the Talon data sharing structure. The T-DEx for Law Enforcement solution is still a very affordable solution.


  • Talon LE CommandCenter: Easy interface, review data, and make decisions
  • Send Case Information to Prosecutor
  • Receive Case Information from Prosecutor
  • Dashboard views
  • Drill-down capability


  • TIMS TDEx Export:  Automatically send case information TIMS database to Prosecutor
  • TIMS T-DEx Import:  Automatically populate TIMS database with Prosecutor updates
  • TDEx API:  Instruction/Software for third-party RMS/CMS vendors to create export and import capabilities in their solutions, which communicate with TDEx – Law Enforcement