Core Technology’s mobile solution, Talon, critical data is emphasized allowing users to quickly make informed decisions. With the touch of a button, you can search important data to make split-second decisions.

Information is returned to you in an organized and easy to read manner, saving valuable time to read and disseminate the details.

Talon React Access

Data at your fingertips

Talon React Access is part of the next generation of the Talon Suite. Designed to improve access to critical law enforcement information, the React suite is built on the latest technology. 

The accessible design is simple with large fields for easy data entry. Clean, high-contrast display improves response visibility. Safety caution alerts, standardized response formatting, multiple images and additional data sources enhance query responses. Talon React Access is the next level in critical information access for Law Enforcement! 

Officers are prompted for only the most commonly used fields. Additional fields are available by pushing the ‘More’ button. 

Color-coded responses from the state database alert officers to potential safety issues, such as outstanding warrant, gang member and wanted person. 

Talon React Access can work on a desktop, smartphone or other mobile devices. It allows Officers to access information anywhere. 

State-of-the-art security is used to provide access to state and regional databases including LEIN, NCIC, and NLETS. It is compliant with FBI and State CJIS security policy requirements and uses two-factor authentication FIPS 140-2 encryption of the information access and exchange.

Talon React Access provides the security protocol and protection required for Law Enforcement communication and information handling. Expand your Talon React suite with other Core Technology applications! 

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 CADConnect 

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