Core Technology’s mobile solution, Talon, critical data is emphasized allowing users to quickly make informed decisions. With the touch of a button, you can search important data to make split-second decisions. Information is returned to you in an organized and easy to read manner, saving valuable time to read and disseminate the details.

Talon Data Exchange (TDEx)

No more silos of information. Better, agency-wide communication.

Cleaning up paperwork hassles to create more accurate, standardized information exchange is only the beginning. Because the value of TDEx lies not only in what you save — but what you gain.

The right solution, for right now.

Talon Data Exchange (TDEx) provides a secure electronic data exchange system between Criminal Justice partners, like Law Enforcement agencies, Prosecutors and Courts. 

Easy accessibility to a depth of critical data creates an invaluable snapshot of how municipalities are policing, prosecuting, managing jail populations, handling emergencies, and protecting the public at large.


 Incident & Supplement submission
 Case Status & Disposition Receipt
 Receipt/Delivery Notifications
 CommandCenter Exchange Log View

Real-time data, delivered right away.

Electronic data is instantly catalogued, time-
stamped, and automatically updated. So you always know what information is being shared, who has it, and where it lives.

Our solution improves your ability to do your job better because it increases your ability to send, share, organize, and analyze critical information. Knowledge is power. TDEx helps you harness more of it.

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The Exchange Solutions are:

With the needs of law enforcement in mind, this solution provides a way for personnel to search other databases, all from within your own RMS so there is no need to log into a separate application, make phone calls, or send emails in order to share information.

A complete set of tools for the Prosecutor’s office, our solution offers easy access to, and reporting of, all information exchanged that’s shared with others. This information can automatically populate Case Management Systems and Document Management
systems to save time and increase accuracy.

Jails benefit from information about who is coming into your system. Information from  law enforcement can automatically populate Jail Management Systems allowing you to swiftly move people — including a “Now Arriving “ view to helps prepare for the influx of inmates.

Our justice solution provides an exchange of data between law enforcement and the Prosecutor and/or Court to save time,
eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce face-to-face interaction.