Core Technology’s mobile solution, Talon, critical data is emphasized allowing users to quickly make informed decisions. With the touch of a button, you can search important data to make split-second decisions. Information is returned to you in an organized and easy to read manner, saving valuable time to read and disseminate the details.

Secure data exchange

Talon Data Exchange (TDEx) provides a secure electronic data exchange system between Criminal Justice partners, like Law Enforcement agencies, Prosecutors and Courts. 

Approved incident information and attachments are sent directly from the Law Enforcement agency Record Management System to the Prosecutor’s Office through TDEx. Prosecutors can select cases to import into their Case Management System without retyping. As the Prosecutor works on the case, updates to the cases are sent to Law Enforcement.


 Incident & Supplement submission
 Case Status & Disposition Receipt
 Receipt/Delivery Notifications
 CommandCenter Exchange Log View

Efficient & Accurate

Send case files directly from your Law Enforcement Record Management System.

Prosecutors import and view case information received from Law Enforcement. Both agencies can track exchange logs.

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The Exchange Solutions are:

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