A Community Centered Safety Solution by Core Technology

Empowering communities by connecting them to Public Safety.

Community reporting has always been at the core of effective, principled police work. Public safety requires public involvement.

Core Technology’s Talon eCOP technology allows citizens to quickly, accurately, and securely submit non-emergency reports to their local Police Department or dispatch.

This system provides citizens with a clean, easy-to-use interface when making reports and provides public safety officers with clear, detailed, timely information.

Talon eCOP allows departments and agencies to free up officer time for high-priority tasks by shifting critical resources away from non-emergency reports.

Talon eCOP Advantage

  • Easy to Customize — Configure Citizen forms with the Administrator portal
  • Easy to Deploy — Use on your website or Core Technology’s hosted server
  • Easy to Manage — Interface easily with any RMS including TIMS & TAC.10 
  • Easy to Engage — Keep the public informed with automated responses 
  • Easy to Assess — Export data in a standard, compatible format

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receive fast, detailed non-emergency reports

Reduce Staff Time on
Non-Emergency Reports

Quality online self-reporting tools can free up hundreds of officer hours for non-emergency calls. Dispatch, interviews, and follow-ups for non-emergency situations consume officer time needed for higher priorities. Talon eCOP provides an alternative to deploying officers.

How eCOP Works

Talon eCOP ensures your team has all the information they need. When citizens make a nonemergency report, the system guides them by providing all essential information, such as the type of incident, a range of time and dates, and location. It lets them write a description, attach photos and documents, and provide detailed contact information.

Ease of Communication = Trust

Communities embrace tools to communicate with their public safety agencies. A 2021 trial of a Remote Messaging System in a city of 50,000 produced 780 online submissions in the first eleven months. Even reports which did not require an officer dispatch provided information that shaped patrol decisions.

KEY Features

Ease of use for the public and Departments, including customizable inputs

Generates fast, accurate, and comprehensive reports in an accessible format

Tools for exporting data and communicating ongoing efforts to the public