Established in 1981, Core Technology provides specialized software solutions for the criminal justice and law enforcement communities. Our solutions are available to local, regional, state and national agencies that want to access data from a single database or an unlimited number of databases.


Core Technology’s mission is to obtain growth, profitability, and longevity through high-quality connectivity products and superior services. These products and services are provided by competent, friendly employees who understand our customers’ needs.

OUR Values

The following is a set of Core Citizen values we look for in each employee:
  • Is organized and prepared
  • Takes responsibility for his or her own actions 
  • Shows ownership in problem solving 
  • Shows responsiveness 
  • Is a professional risk taker 
  • Has discipline 
  • Has persistence 
  • Views hard work not as an issue, but rather as the norm 
  • Has good communication skills 
  • Has a sense of humor 
  • Looks at failures as a learning opportunity 


Core Technology Corporation has been providing software solutions to every major industrial market throughout the world.   Core Technology offers solutions for the mainframe/mid-range market as well as specialized software solutions for the criminal justice and the law enforcement industries.  Our products are reliable, cost-effective and easy to use.

Since its inception, Core Technology has worked with the legacy market, providing Web-based access to applications on Unisys, IBM, UNIX, and other platforms. We offer a full range of fast, cost-effective connectivity software and services, including data mining, data sharing, high-speed file transfer, cross-platform host access and terminal emulation.

Core Technology Corporation has worked with criminal justice agencies in several states since 1991.  We offer a combination of client and server solutions that allow criminal justice agencies to access, share and exchange data, as well as communicate more effectively with each other.  To ensure the security of our products in such a sensitive market, we follow the security guidelines defined by the FBI CJIS Security Policy.

Core Technology Corporation’s success of using cutting-edge technology, a reputation for reliability, and unparalleled support makes us uniquely qualified to meet even the largest of data access challenges. Core Technology is the provider of choice to help organizations meet their connectivity needs.



Core Technology is an equal opportunity employer. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, physical handicap, age, height, weight, marital status, veteran status, religion or political belief.

Core Technology's products allow you to:

Access data from the desktop, in car or on a handheld device

Add on to Talon products as needed

Use the Talon tools to solve crimes easier

Customize the Talon Suite to your agency’s needs

Share Information easily with TalonPoint connectors