2021 Software Upgrade

Welcome to Version 3.05

Software Upgrade Version 3.05

[January 2021]

Talon Incident Management System (TIMS) new features include:

  • Improved handling of impounded vehicles through TIMS
  • Enforced race and sex fields for involved Persons on incidents and tickets
  • Enhanced reporting that includes race, gender, arrest demographic, ticket demographic, and file class section demographic report
  • Ability to add vehicles to incident reports from Talon queries
  • Advanced CJIS Compliant event logging
  • New TIMS supervisor review submitted by column added to worklist
  • Ability to remove standard shift information on daily report
  • Capacity to save all TalonMail attachments to disk at one time
  • Ability to archive sent MICR files and other MICR requirement enhancements

Talon Data Exchange (TDEx) Enhancements:

TDEx Law
  • Includes the ability to allow agencies to turn on/off permission to View Unapproved Narratives of Other Agencies
  • No longer requires a Watermark when viewing an agencies own old data
TDEx Justice
  • Transmits Additional Person Fields to eWarrant
  • Auto-saves attachments to the agencies Prosecutor’s Server

For more information on these TIMS and TDEx updates or on the new features, please contact your sales representative at sales@coretechcorp.com.

Email our support team at support@coretechcorp.com to schedule your update.

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