2021 Software Upgrade

Welcome to Version 3.05

Software Upgrade Version 3.05
[February 2021]

Talon and Talon Mail new features include:

  • The ability to print LEIN responses to PDF.
  • The ability to save all Talon mail attachments to disk at one time.

Talon Incident Management System (TIMS) new features include:

  • Improved handling of impounded vehicles through TIMS.
  • Enforced race and sex fields for involved persons on incidents and tickets in TIMS.
  • New reports that include race and gender, Arrest Demographics Reports, Ticket Demographic Reports, and File Class Section Demographics Reports.
  • Added vehicles to incident reports from Talon queries.
  • Running LEIN/TalonPoint queries when adding vehicles to incident reports.
  • The ability to archive sent MICR files and other MICR requirement enhancements.
  • The ability to remove standard shift info on printed Officer Daily Report(s).

Talon Data Exchange (TDEx) new features include:

  • The ability to allow agencies to turn on/off permission to view unapproved narratives of other agencies
  • TDEx Justice transmission of additional person fields to eWarrant.
  • TDEx Justice auto-saving attachments to the agency’s Prosecutor’s Server.
  • In addition: TDEx Law no longer requires a watermark when viewing an agency’s own old data.
New Features:

TIMS Civil – This new TIMS module allows your agency to manage your civil papers, track service attempts, print invoices, and record payments. With this new TIMS add-on, you have the ability to store the information in your TMS database, making it very convenient to create new civil papers when, for example, the same person/attorney is billed for service from previous papers.

TIMS Forms Builder – With this module, you can create your own customized fill-in print forms in TIMS Incident, which can be pre-populated with details of that respective incident. There are three pre-built forms within this module: DI-177 Breath Blood Urine Test Report, DI 93 Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test, and DV – 001 Domestic Relationship Incident.

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For more information on the new features or pricing on the new products, please contact your sales representative at sales@coretechcorp.com.

Email our support team at support@coretechcorp.com to schedule your update. Core Service Bureau Customers do not need to take any action. We will notify you when the update is scheduled to take place.