Below are the materials needed for your LEIN Audit and for the MACP Accreditation Program.

If you need your User Agreement, Amendment or a Core Service Bureau Network Diagram, 
contact Nan Beyers at or 800-338-2117 or 517-237-3750.

Audit Materials:

Core Technology Corporation – Audit Guide

BeyondTrust Corporation – FIPS Certificate 3881 

OpenSSL Software Foundation – FIPS Certificate 2473

Bouncy Castle – FIPS Certificate 3152

Core Technology Corporation employee’s CJIS Security Awareness Certificates

Core Technology Corporation employee’s FBI CJIS Security Addendum

Michigan State Police Background Check Verification (the vendor listings are available via the MiCJIN portal)

   *  Open the MiCJIN portal home page and select the “Communities” tab along the left column

   *  Next, click on Statewide I.T. Vendors (also on the left)

   *  You will now see folders for most of the vendors agencies that have been vetted by MSP’s Security and Access office


Accreditation Materials

Core Technology Corporation Accreditation Information